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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions regarding our upcoming pilot. 
If you don’t find the answer you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible for me to be invited to pilot the platform?

Yes, you can simply join the mailing lists and you will be invited to pilot in early fall 2020 if you are a business or nonprofit in Andover, MA or its surrounding communities.  Other communities may be added later to an extended regional pilot.

Why is there no published platform site yet, this is just a marketing site, it seems?

Yes, we are currently running test use in the background, so the platform is not yet accessible.

How can I provide ideas and suggestions to your already cool sounding concept ?

We welcome your thoughts, of course.  Easiest is to send me an email.

How much will the subscription cost?

We have not yet determined the best pricing structure. Our pilot will help us choose among pricing structure alternatives.

When is your platform ready for any community?

Big question.  We are hoping to expand the initial pilot to 2 or 3 more communities regionally in New England in the fall/winter 2020/2021, and perhaps some otheres where we have gained interest from, in the spring of 2021.  Or, if we gain quick traction and funding, sooner!  Stay with us, provide your encouragement and ideas and we will get there with you!

Is this just another donor management platform that you are working on?

No, it is not, and nor will it ever be. We saw an opportunity to improve the process of auction item and event sponsorship solicitation and procurement which currently drains a lot of gala committee and sports event organizing committee volunteer and development resources.  Our aim is to provide a platform for the part of the process prior to the auctions and events.  Eventually, our plan is to integrate our concept with other existing donor and event management technology.