Our Team

We are dedicated to building a world-class collaboration platform for non-profits, companies and local communities.
At this time, the platform is being tested in the background and you are looking at our marketing site.
However, you are invited to learn more, and to join our upcoming pilot release.
Read on, and feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Merit Kuusniemi

CEO & Founder

 An experienced entrepreneur, networker and community builder, Merit has been working for almost ten years on the concept of a platform to connect local communities, nonprofits,  businesses and individuals around fundraising. The goals  is to enhance efficiency, strategy, transparency, visibility, and ultimately, increase the joint community well-being benefits from this very important collaboration. Merit brings to the team her business education, leadership experience, strategic savvy and an intimate knowledge of the day-to-day realities of both brick & mortar businesses and nonprofit fundraising operating on a grassroots scale.

+1 978 2899388 +358 45 1964742

Janne Ikola


Janne has extensive experience in branding and digital marketing. He has been working with well-known clients for over 20 years. Projects have included global marketing strategies, high performance campaigns, branding strategies and other high impact methods. Janne is strategic thinker who can help businesses and nonprofits to succeed in modern digital environment.   

+358 40 716 6239

Pellervo Valkama


Pellervo has a wealth of experience in software development, spanning around twenty years. Over the time he has been involved in multitude of different activities such as architecting and implementing software systems, leading development teams and contributing to the research of human-computer interaction. In the past, he has also co-founded several startups, in which he has been working closely with different kind of stakeholders to align the business and the technological vision in addition to taking care of all the technological aspects of business.

Muhammad Ahmed

UX/UI Designer & Web Developer

Ahmed is an experienced UX/UI designer with 2+ years of experience in the field. Over the years, he has collaborated on more than 20 projects and garnered experience in different categories of software including, B2B designs, B2C designs, SaaS designs, Dashboards, App designs, Web designs, etc. Moreover, he also has expertise in graphic/visual design and web development.

Pooja Purswani

Growth Hacker

Pooja Purswani is a passionate marketeer and growth hacker for more than 6 years. Skilled in social media and digital marketing she has served many businesses and helped them in achieving their marketing goals. She believes in a data-driven and result-oriented workstyle and keeps a balance between creativity and analytics in her work.