Would you like to support your local community?

If you wish to get more bang for your buck when contributing to the local community through supporting  local nonprofits, accrue more goodwill, new customers, and more sales, contact us. It is easy!

1. Joining Omnidonum doesn’t cost anything for companies!

Our service is free of charge for companies. So it doesn’t cost you anything to join, but you will get all the benefits.

2. Get free marketing materials and stickers!

After you are approved, you will get your own stickers, posters and digital assets that you can use in your marketing

3. We will ensure that you get the maximum benefit

You will be assigned your own customer success manager, who will make sure that you’ll get the maximum benefit out of our service

Are you getting return on your contributions?

Business owner – am I right in thinking you do quite a bit to support local nonprofits?  But does it lead to increased sales and new customers?

OmniDonum.com offers transparency and tangible business benefits to  your nonprofit contribution efforts. Our service will make sure that you will be solicitations from the right non-profits and you get to choose which ones you want to support. You can focus on your business, we will take care of your contributions.

Support your local community

Community wellbeing is important to your business, isn’t it? That is why you support your local nonprofits – did you know they are struggling due to the standard deduction changes in taxation.

OmniDonum.com offers new tools and meaningful ways for your business to support the vitally important nonprofits in your community. We make sure that you support the right non-profits and help you to make your efforts visible to your customers and your local community.

Are you making your contributions visible to your customers?

Part of your business growth strategy is more than likely supporting your local nonprofits, right? Are you seeing increased goodwill thanks to it?

OmniDonum.com offers transparency and tangible business benefits based your nonprofit contribution efforts

Managing Your Contributions And Donations Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

By joining the OmniDonum.com platform you gain practical tools to manage the incoming solicitations from nonprofits, so that you can make your support decisions with strategy and at your own leisure.

No more distractions or decisions you wish you hadn’t made. What’s even better is that by directing the nonprofits to use the OmniDonum.com platform, they gain free visibility for their fundraising needs in the entire business community.

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