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Hi there, business owner!

Like most community-conscious entrepreneurs you probably get constantly approached by nonprofits for donations and contributions?
Perhaps your giving is motivated mostly by wanting to do good, and gather goodwill towards your brand or business, but are yet wondering if you are being smart about your choices of what to contribute and to which nonprofits.

We’ve come up with some tips to consider in your decision making.


Previous to my present gig as a startup entrepreneur, I was an independent retailer in a small community north of Boston, MA for almost ten years. I was delighted to be called upon on a daily basis to support nonprofits in my community – auction items, ads in program books, dinner table sponsorships, gift bag items, you name it.

I felt like I was a good corporate citizen when I always said yes without asking too many questions, and was hoping my generosity would at least somehow benefit my business through increased goodwill, if not bring me new customers.

Merit Kuusniemi

Non-profits are vital to your local community

U.S. nonprofits provide a vital safety net and are just as important for the community well-being as local government, infrastructure, and indeed the businesses that bring visitors and jobs to the community.

Are your contributions worth it?

Do you find yourself in the same shoes, but wondering how much impact your contribution has. Are you asking yourself if your business actually gains the hoped-for visibility, goodwill, and ultimately, added business? 

Let’s face it, you are probably not donating or contributing in-kind in order to get the tax deductions. (Even less likely now that the standard deduction was doubled for all but C-corporations). You are at least hoping that your contribution efforts have a positive impact on your business as well. Sometimes you are even promised that in the solicitation pitch, right?

I bet you’ve heard something like this: “We expect 350 people at the gala, so your auction item  and your business name will get a very large audience of potential customers.” Chances are that your business never sees even a fraction of those auction goers, and perhaps even not the highest bidder on your item. (They re-donate it, pass it down as a stocking stuffer, forget it in a closet or drawer). So you may never get to cultivate that potential new customer relationship. 

The Good News!

We at propose that when businesses make informed, thoughtful and strategic contribution decisions, the stronger the nonprofit-business relationships become, the more the contributions to nonprofits increase and  as a result, the more the positive impact of this collaboration gets multiplied for your business as well as the nonprofits.  We also believe increasing transparency and introducing impact measures will enhance the collaboration.

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